Left 4 Dead 2 includes anall-new cast of Survivors. We do not expect to see the original four Survivors in the campaigns of the new game, but Chet has said that there will be an “ode to them” in L4D2. We should also mention that these character models are not finalized. The Left 4 Dead beta models differed significantly from the release models, and we may expect some modifications in this case.

Coach Edit

[1]A high school defensive coordinator and health teacher with dreams of coaching professional football. During college, Coach was a skilled defensive lineman and intended to go pro until he had a career-ending knee injury. He’s from the Savannah, GA area, and is used to dealing with (living) kids and parents. When the zombocalypse broke out, he lamented allowing himself to fall out of shape.

Coach wears a short-sleeved polymer sports polo adorned with the letters “FHS”, most likely the abbreviated name of his school. Originally, it was yellow and blue, but new gameplay footage shows him wearing purple and gold. He also wears khakis, white wristbands, a chrome whistle, a black belt, black shoes, and black weight-lifting gloves. Coach is overweight, and his rotund model sometimes clips weapon stocks.

When asked about whether or not the character is based on the “Survivor” contestant, Chet had this to say: “[He's] not based on the world’s biggest douchebag. We made that design choice.”

Coach’s booming voice is brought to you byChad Coleman, who plays Denise “Cutty” Wise from the TV series “The Wire”. His mildly scornful personality and patronizing voice lines seem to be a reflection of the paternal nature of his job, his interest in sports, and his religious leanings. Two examples of his friendly fire warning lines are “Shoot me again, and you’re gonna be meetin’ your maker, right here” and “There’s gonna be some Biblical shit happenin’ to you if you do that again.” After a car alarm has been triggered, he may say “Game on, ladies!”

Rochelle Edit

[2]A tough-as-nails northerner from Cleveland. After graduating from Cleveland State with a degree in communications, Rochelle pursued a career as an on-air news personality, but only managed to find work as an associate producer/intern. Two months later, after an outbreak hit Atlanta, Rochelle got her big break and was sent to the evacuation center in Savannah to produce her first big segment. If only she’d known that her biggest break would be out to kill her.

Rochelle wears a thin brown over-the-shirt belt and tight blue jeans. In the E3 demo and the teaser trailer, she wore a plain orange shirt, which differed from the rose-colored shirt she wears in the poster art. Later, her top changed to a rose-colored shirt with a Depeche Mode graphic. In Comic-Con footage, her hairstyle changed to a short ponytail, and there may have been subtle changes to her facial geometry.

Rochelle is voiced by Rochelle Aytes, an actress whose repertoire includes “White Chicks” and “Madea’s Family Reunion”. She appears to be strong-willed and can be somewhat indignant. For instance, one of her friendly fire warnings is “Oh, sweet Jesus, you SHOT ME!” However, she also has a sweeter side. When resuscitating teammates, she may say “Aww baby, can’t have you down there. Let me help you on your feet.”

Ellis Edit

[3]A smart, fun-loving, beer-loving, goofiness-loving mechanic with Southern flare. After finishing high school in his hometown of Savannah, he spurned thoughts of college, choosing instead to pursue his passion of working on cars. Ellis’ youthful exuberance and carefree nature allow him to remain upbeat even in the direst of situations.

Since PAX ‘09, Ellis has worn a yellow graphic T-shirt (with the words “Bull Shifters”) above a dark gray-colored pair of work pants and work boots. The pants have an odd ruffle in the back, which may indicate that they are overalls or a jumpsuit that has been gathered around his waist. Ellis also wears a matching gray-and-white baseball cap with webbing in back and a cartoonish picture of a tow truck on the front. Originally, Ellis wore a gray-and-white work shirt with “J.B.’s Auto Service” printed on the back. Comic-Con footage indicates that he has a tattoo on his right arm and holds a single pistol with one hand instead of both.

Ellis’ voice actor is Eric Ladin from “Generation Kill”, who voices the role with a moderate Southern accent. Ellis is the most helpful and good-natured of the group, and even his most aggressive lines only reach the point of humorous indignation. For instance, two of his friendly fire warnings are “Come on, that’s not funny anymore!” and “I’m not a zombie, man. Shoot the zombies.” At the end of , Ellis utters the line every player has yelled into the mic at end of at one point or another. You know which one.

Nick Edit

[4]A gambler, petty conman, and consummate picaresque in a purportedly expensive white suit. Nick hails from the Midwest, but he’s a vagabond by nature, moving from place to place without settling down. He’s the most cynical and bitter of the Survivors, and is still trying to figure out the best angle on the recent upturn in the brain-eating market. Over time, he begins to trust and value his new compatriots.

Nick is voiced by Hugh Dillon, an actor from “Flashpoint” on CBS. As mentioned earlier, he’s the most cynical and distant of the Survivors. For instance, when healing others with a first aid kit, he sometimes says “Now, don’t waste this by getting pounced or something.”

One of the lines Nick can be heard saying is “You’re going to shoot the guy in the $10,000 suit? Come on!” This is likely an allusion to Arrested Development, where Gob has an obsession with the ever-varying price of his suits. There may be multiple unique variations of this line, each with a different price and degree of emphasis. The prices we’ve heard so far are $2000, $3000, $6000, and $10000.